Taste Air: Sampling some Taste of Melbourne goodies

lucy liu

Images: Georgia Haynes

There are times as a blogger where you might have an existential crisis and think, “What’s it all for? Why do I eat so much and then write about it? Is this the right path for me?”

Last night was not one of those times. Myself and fellow food bloggers Peachwater, Gourmet Chick and Confessions Of A Little Piggy were treated to some serious deliciousness, sampling tastiness from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants ahead of their showcase at the Taste Of Melbourne event in November. Boy were we spoilt as we ate our way around the city, from Brooks of Melbourne, through to Lucy Liu and then Mamasita.


Things got moving straight away with a delicious glass of Paul Louis on arrival, and, never one to shy away from boggling the mind of the diner, chef Nic Poelaert didn’t disappoint with the amazing sher wagyu rib with charcoal vegetables, onions and vinegar. That rib was everything I needed it to be in terms of a balance between extremely tender fat and meat, with an intense and complex charcoaled vegetable coating which was unlike anything I’d had before.

Sher beef rib

Sher Wagyu Rib

Challenging our understanding of what food is all about yet again, we were treated to cauliflower ice cream with caramel. Although I wouldn’t say it was my favourite thing in the world, I’m always happy to have my palate stretched to the limits.

Cauliflower Ice Cream

Cauliflower Ice Cream


I’ve never been to Lucy Liu before and I must say, this part of the night was an absolute highlight. A Chin Chin-esque feel but without the hype-induced stress of “will I get a table, when will I get a table” etc, Lucy Liu is your perfect pan-Asian alternative to the former. I sipped a Lucy Liu house white, clean and crisp, which was the best paired with the amazing food we got our greedy little hands on – oysters dressed with a fish sauce and chilli, Lucy Liu’s signature papaya salad, Asian slaw and the piece de resistance – the grade 7 wagyu with wasabi butter. MY GOD. I couldn’t even make pleasant conversation as every delicious morsel melted in my mouth.

Lucy Liu Oysters

Lucy Liu Oysters

Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad

OMG AMAZING Grade 7 Wagyu

OMG AMAZING Grade 7 Wagyu


Kudos to Mamasita. Being the final stop on our Taste Air journey, we weren’t the most enthusiastic of food consumers, and yet we still enjoyed ourselves. Drinking the delicious and super salty Mamasita margarita on a school night (not for the faint hearted and VERY cheeky on a Tuesday eve), we enjoyed a spot of tortilla-pressing (how novel!) before we started eating ourselves to death again.



First up: that unbelievable elotes – Mexican corn on the cob – with mayonnaise, cotija cheese (which sort of tastes like pecorino), lime and spices. I think I could’ve stopped there but no, so much more food. So much.



A prawn tamale with arbol salsa was next, followed by zucchini-braised molotes – a bit same-samey for me, but to be fair, we were all dying of food coma syndrome by then. But the last dish, Mamasita’s famous pulled pork and fish tacos, were off-chops delicious. I wouldn’t have eaten them if I was normal and ate normal amounts of food, but… DAT CHIPOTLE MAYO.

Fish tacos - what you come to Mamasita for.

Fish tacos – what you come to Mamasita for.

So we all left feeling very sated and not a small amount of excited for Taste of Melbourne. Argh, the anticipation! Find out more about Taste of Melbourne, or visit my Instagram to win one of two double passes to the event!

Brooks on Urbanspoon

Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon

Mamasita on Urbanspoon


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