Ice Cream Cake Recipe

The sweet sweet choc ripple deliciousness

The sweet sweet choc ripple deliciousness

I made this delicious cake in September for my birthday, based on my comrade/dessert genius Ruby’s recipe. It’s exceptional and quite easy to make!


3 Litres vanilla ice cream, softened
2 packets Chocolate Ripple biscuits, crushed
1/2 packet raspberry jelly lollies, chopped to absolute smithereens (or you’ll be chewing on frozen jelly lollies for hours)
2 cups thickened cream
A few drops pink food colouring
20 raspberry lollies for decoration

1. Grease and line with baking paper a large round cake tin.
2. Mash 2 litres of the ice cream with the crushed biscuits, and freeze half the mixture. with the other half, press into the tin and then place in the freezer.
3. Mash the remaining ice cream with the finely chopped lollies, then press that layer into the tin, on top of the 1st biscuit layer. Place again in the freezer.
4. Press the remaining biscuit mixture onto the top of the other two layers in the cake tin. Place again in the freezer and leave to set for at least an hour.
5. Once cake is set, gently ease out of tin and onto a plate (may need extra pair of hands for this part), and place in the freezer again for at least an hour.
6. Whip cream until soft peaks form, adding the food colouring to the desired colour. Spread over cake, then decorate with raspberries and place immediately in the freezer to set.

Voila, you have your ridiculously delicious ice cream cake.


– Make sure your freezer is on an extremely cold setting. Every chance you get at any stage of the process, place the cake in the freezer because it melts very quickly.

– Chop the raspberry lollies as finely as possible. When I made the cake, I cut mine into sizeable chunks and I think they may have caused a few root canals.

– Get someone to help you with taking the cake out of the tin. I guarantee you’ll need their assistance.

Enjoy, brosettes and brosettas.

cake 2


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