Mixed Business – pretty damn close to the best poached eggs in Melbourne

Is there anything more beautiful than a properly poached egg?

Hey dudes! Long time no posts! I think I’m still getting over my jet lag due to a most unfortunate flight delay resulting in an impromptu overnight stay in London. But four flights and five airports later, I am finally back in Melbourne, reduced to the undignified confines of the daily grind. Ah well, back to spending all my money in my tireless search for the perfect poached egg on a weekend morn.

Time and time again, Mixed Business in Clifton Hill comes pretty damn close in this endeavour. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me give you a little context.

Upon leaving my previous digs in South Yarra, I was loathe to leave my favourite consistently excellent coffee and breakfast joint, Dukes, behind. I really didn’t think I would find a breakfast dish that rivalled their exceptional poached eggs with dukkah, avocado hummus and candied pork (more on Dukes in a later post, should I ever venture to the south side of the Yarra again).

Thankfully, five minutes away from my new abode, Queens Parade boasts an establishment with excellent coffee, atmosphere and above all, ALL DAY EGGS. But not just any eggs. This isn’t your standard overcooked eggs benny and scrambled eggs with fetta menu. The Mixed Business repertoire includes the ploughman’s breakfast – an egg accompanied by pork rillette (sweet moses, a heavenly foodstuff I thought I would never come across again); delicious omelettes of the day that never disappoint and their poached eggs accompanied by everything you could want or need – minute steak, smoked salmon and creme fraiche, homemade baked beans, potato rosti, pancetta, roasted tomatoes… the list is almost endless.

But the stars in these dishes are the eggs. Poached eggs are difficult to get right at the best of times – yolk too hard or not cooked enough, or the white has fallen apart and you’re left with a sloppy slimy mess on your soggied toast. This is never an issue at Mixed Business – Always a firm white, with a thin lining of barely cooked yolk encasing the runny yolky cholesteroly goodness that trumps any condiment.

So with the poached egg confidence, good coffee, attentive service and charming shabby minimalist chic of the decor combined, I really can’t think of any better way to spend your Sunday morning. Unless you’re on a five week holiday and you’re breakfasting in a chateau in the south of France… but now I’m torturing myself.

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4 thoughts on “Mixed Business – pretty damn close to the best poached eggs in Melbourne

  1. I love this place – it has such a lovely relaxed vibe. The coffee is also amazing. No matter how many times I return, I can never pass up the mushrooms with roquette, fetta and hazelnuts on buttery sourdough. Rubber Duck is also another really good new brunch spot on this Queens Parade strip.

    • I haven’t tried the mushrooms! I’m not the greatest fan of rocket (it tends to be thrown about carelessly in the restaurant biz and I think it’s an unimaginative addition to a dish haha) But the hazelnut/mushroom/fetta combo DOES sound delish. I’ll have to try Rubber Duck!

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