Shopping in Barcelona

The very bold Adolfo Dominguez

Shopping here is very different to Paris and France in general. There’s more variety, with more accessible local brands than France, in my opinion. Oh, and it’s much cheaper. While you can’t pick up a leather bag back home for less than $200, in Barcelona, you can get them for around 50 euro. Awesome.

Also, shoes and silver jewellery are in abundance here as again, cheap. And Zara is about half the price it is in France. Woot!

So while I was here I walked into every bloody shop I could, because that’s how I roll. There were a few standouts, however:


This place was awesome. Highly reflective of Barcelona, it had huge variety, housing everything from bold prints on ballgowns to understated casual wear. I couldn’t help myself and bought this electric blue, chunky knit cardigan. It fits beautifully and for designer gear, wasn’t badly priced, on sale at 60 euro. This is a Spanish brand but apparently has stores the world over, from the US to Lebanon – but it expanded into to the Australian market last year, launching its line at Chadstone Shopping Centre, if any of you are brave enough to venture there (I worked in various Chaddy stores over five years, so I can’t bring myself to go there anymore… but that’s another story).


This was a little like Kinki Gerlinki at about a third of the price. It is a mix of local designers and other streetwear brands. Think cute hand-sewn dresses with a focus on pretty collars. Cute cheap jewellery, too (need to stop saying “cute”).


This shoe shop boasted handmade shoes in beautiful quality leather. This was a little closer to home in terms of price, and apparently Caboclo is based in Brazil and has stores all over Europe and the US, but I’ve never come across it before. Anyway, who cares? Handmade shoes! They looked amazing. There were sandals and brogues and t-bars to die for.

There also seems to be an abundance of Adidas stock here that I haven’t seen in Melbourne circa the 1980s – bold colorful print sports jackets of yesteryear. So cool. So cheap. Get on it.


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