The Meal de Resistance – Jules Verne

Above: Lobster with Sabayon; Roast Veal with Potato Galette

It’s not every day a person gets to shovel spoonfuls of Michelin-star crab foam and lobster in their mouth while situated inside the Eiffel Tower, so I figure this experience is definitely worth a blog post.

Everything about dining at Jules Verne has a surreal air to it- from taking the lift up the tower for what feels like a kilometer to the restaurant itself, to the immaculate presentation of the food, to the amazing view of Paris you are treated to as you eat.

So it would be easy to sweep over the service and the quality of the food – but there is no need to. Both are high quality and you feel that you are in good hands from start to finish.

Myself and my other Bruce Family counterparts chose the degustation menu. This included a myriad of dishes but the the lobster with crab sabayon and caviar entree and the roast veal with potato galette main were by far the standout dishes.

The lobster struck a near-perfect balance. It was incredibly light with the creamy sabayon a great match to the salty caviar and the sweetness of the crab. As is to be expected of a Michelin-star dish with so many aspects to it, the textures were incredible. I’m not sure how I felt about the bitterness of the orange in this dish, however – it was unnecessary and detracted from the lightness of the crab and sabayon.

The roast veal and potato galette were fantastic . Served with a lightly dressed coleslaw, the dense crispness of the galette and the richness of the veal were a winner for me. As with the lobster, one thing kept me from allowing myself to be seduced by this dish completely, as the veal was overcooked.

So my verdict on the Jules Verne experience? The staff were amazing. My brother is a coeliac and they simply created a different menu for his requirements as we were dining, when we had Given them no prior notice. The service was like nothing I’d ever experienced – the waiters and waitresses were charming and catered to your every need without being in your face about it. There was a fluidity to this service that I am yet to experience in Melbourne.

As for the food – I’m disappointed to say it, but this meal lacked the wow factor. I have had degustation experiences at Maha and St Katherine’s in Melbourne that, if we’re talking purely about the food, have surpassed Jules Verne, despite its Michelin star-status and jaw-dropping priciness.

This is only my opinion, of course. I expect I’d get a swift clip around the ears, if my mum was to read this. Besides, the food could taste like ashes and a visit to Jules Verne would still be worth it, simply because of its location.

Here are some more pictures at Jules Verne:









4 thoughts on “The Meal de Resistance – Jules Verne

  1. When we went there I was secretly praying for a marriage proposal as you can understand why it would have been a story to brag about. I too thought the staff amazing my batteries flattened and someone ran out and bought new ones for me. The menu when we visited was far too and I threw up after the 3rd course hahahaha Your right the view makes up for any short comings.

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