Mamasita - charming Mexican street food or rip-off?

Mamasita has received a lot of hype since its inception – but is it deserved?

I’ve tried numerous times to get into Mamasita. I assumed that it was amazing, considering the ludicrous line of people waiting outside its doors every Friday and Saturday night since its inception in 2010. The first time I tried to get in, I think I knitted a scarf before the waiter smugly moseyed on down to where I was standing and pseudo-politely let me know that there was no chance of a table until 12.30am.

I finally entered this curious establishment last week. Yep, on a Tuesday. At 5.30 pm and I STILL had to wait for a table. Naturally, I was expecting big things.

It was disappointing. I started with the elotes callejeros – a pork and clam soup with chilli, hominy, onion and lime. It was so spicy that I couldn’t taste any of it – but even then, the flavours weren’t interesting enough for a dish served in such small portions.

I then followed the soup with three tacos Рeggplant,  fish, and braised ox tongue and cheek . Like the adventurous and experienced diner I like to think I am, I anticipated the tongue and cheek taco would blow my mind.

It didn’t. The fish taco was great – the spicy mayonnaise¬† set off the flavoursome fish very well. The other tacos were unfortunately lacklustre, with the eggplant mushy and tasteless and the ox tongue and cheek dry and also lacking flavour. What a shame!

By the time the exhorbitant bill landed on my table, I was most disillusioned. Mexican street food? Street food shouldn’t cost upwards of 80 bucks, my friend. My housemates argue that Mamasita is authentic… “and we should know, we’ve been to Mexico” (yeah, yeah). Well, I’ve never been to Mexico, but I’m pretty damn sure Mamasita’s prices don’t reflect this authenticity.


Mamasita – charming Mexican street food or trendy rip-off?

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